You may have noticed that we have a list of “IICRC Certifications” on our website because our staff members carry certifications in Applied Structural Drying, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technician, Odor Control Technician, Water Damage Restoration Technician, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician.

Sounds nice, but what does that mean? 

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is a non-profit organization for the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Industries. The IICRC, originally named the  International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Inc. (IICUC), was founded in 1972 by Ed York.  

Since then, the IICRC has evolved into a global organization with more than 60,000 active Certified Technicians and more than 6,000 Certified Firms around the world.

What are the IICRC Standards?

The IICRC Standards serve to develop common, industry-accepted language and terminology that enables us to more universally discuss concepts and procedures regarding cleaning, inspection and restoration.

The IICRC is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) member and accredited standards developer. 

ANSI is responsible for overseeing the development of national consensus standards and verifying that the requirements for due process, consensus, and other criteria for approval have been met by the standard’s developer. The use of an American National Standard (ANS) is completely voluntary. However, some have been adopted as code or regulation by local, state or federal authorities. They are also considered “state of the art” in the area of contamination control.

When someone gets certified by the IICRC in different aspects of their field, it ensures that a specific set of standards are being followed across the board. The IICRC has been on top of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation as well and ensures that its members are aware of procedural updates as they are made available.

In this multi-part blog series, we’ll explore each certification and what they entail, then we’ll break down the report titled, “The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Report for Professional Cleaning and Restoration Contractors, Fifth Edition, October 26th 2020.” This report outlines the most recent information on COVID-19 cleaning considerations.

The IICRC is still developing published standards on certifications for infection control, in response to the global pandemic, which are:

BSR/IICRC S400 Standard for Professional Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration of the Commercial Built Environment: this standard will focus on the principles, methods, and processes to clean, maintain, and restore materials, building assemblies, structures, furniture, fixtures, and equipment located inside a building structure. The standard will also focus on the commercial environment and define tasks, frequencies, production expectations, goals, and results. As of the publication of this blog, the draft Standard is expected to be published in 2021. 

BSR/IICRC S410, Standard for Infection Control During Professional Cleaning and Maintenance of the Commercial Built Environment: This standard will provide a specific set of practical principles, methods, and processes to clean, sanitize and evaluate the cleaning of the built environment where verifiable, hygienic cleaning is required. This standard will also establish methods and processes to document, evaluate, clean and sanitize/disinfect and sterilize facilities that require a higher level of cleaning.

Reference: https://www.iicrc.org/  

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