This is the first in a three part series of blog articles that explore what to do about fire damage cleanup because there are some things you may not expect, including how you might feel when the fire is out.

Your home is a personal, sacred space that you may not even realize is so important to you until it’s gone.

Most people are familiar with the dangers of house fires, but to so many of us, the events that take place when a fire happens are not clear. We’ve seen videos online or on television of firefighters putting out blazes, but they seem to always happen to “other people.”

If you become a victim of a house fire, there are some things you may not expect, including how you might feel after seeing your home damaged.

In part one of this two-part series, we’ll share some things you should know about the aftermath of a fire and the damage cleanup.

What is Involved in Fire Damage Cleanup?

One thing that some people don’t realize is that fire damage cleanup also involves dealing with water and smoke damage. It’s a multistep process that can be complex.

It is possible that the fire caused structural damage and may have to be protected from further weather damage until renovations are complete.

The process will involve removing debris; removing any standing water and resolving water damage; removing smoke particles and soot accumulation throughout the building and vents; removing and replacing damaged contents; as well as eradicating the smell of smoke and ensuring the air quality is excellent.

We have decades of experience in fire damage cleanup and can help you through the entire process, and we don’t recommend you try tackling this on your own. The air quality alone can affect lung health.

Click here for Part Two.

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