Are you unsatisfied with how your home or business looks post construction? Looking around to find dirt, dust, scuffs, and scrapes all over your newly renovated space? The question is, are you going to tackle everything yourself or hire a post construction cleaning service? Taking construction cleanup upon yourself can be more difficult than it seems, but if you do decide to do it yourself, here are some tips.

1. Open The Windows

It is important to open the windows first to allow the air to circulate best. 

2. Sweep, Vacuum, and Pick Up

As you sweep and vacuum dust, walk around the property looking for any left over trash that the construction crew may have left behind. Look for small things such as nails or and screws. Although construction crews don’t intend to leave a mess, it can happen.

3. Floor Inspection

Construction jobs are not easy on your hard floors, so check them for any signs of damage before mopping, waxing and buffing. If you come across any significant damage, it is required that you seek professional advice.

4. Carpet Cleaning

One of the more advanced processes in post construction cleaning is your carpet. Carpets trap dirt, dust, and smells. Vacuum your carpet very well, and then follow with steaming. Allow the carpet to dry.

5. Check Your Walls

Your walls may also be affected by construction from dings in paint to boot scuffs of dirt. Thoroughly double check and clean your walls.

6. Shine Your Windows

No one likes cleaning windows, but construction work is bound to leave your windows dirty and hard to see through. Use some strong glass cleaner to restore your windows to their former glory. 

7. Clean Light Bulbs

Unfortunately construction work leaves a powdery residue on everything, even your light bulbs. Safely clean your bulbs by ensuring that the electricity is off first. Use a dry cloth to properly clean light bulbs.

8. Look in Closets and Cabinets 

Storage areas are often overlooked in the post cleaning process, as they are closed. But dust gets everywhere, even by closed doors.


Your HVAC system will need a new filter if dirty due to construction. Your system might also need some more vigorous cleaning that will require a professional.

10. Clean Your Exterior

Be sure sidewalks are freshly swept and free of any leftover construction debris, especially if you are a business location. Power washing is recommended as well, but you might want to leave that to a professional cleaner.

11. Finishing Touches

Your post construction cleaning is nearly finished, and now for the final touches. Take care of small remaining tasks such as window frames, door knobs, shelves, etc. Use tools such as sponges and cloths to add shine to your home. 

If this list leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of post construction cleaning, call us. We have more than 40 years of experience in deep cleaning and restoration services! 

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