With spring right around the corner and recent health concerns, now is a better time than ever to start your spring cleaning. This daunting task can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks to help you kickstart your cleaning and get your home back to feeling like paradise!

Don’t just clean—declutter!
Before you start cleaning, declutter and organize each room. Throw away things you haven’t used in a while, go through your wardrobe, and put things back in their place. Having things organized and in order will make the actual cleaning process smoother, and you’ll feel accomplished already!

Create a schedule and a to-do list
Regardless of the size of your home, the task of cleaning it in its entirety is overwhelming. Start by putting together a list of everything you want to clean, and in the order you want to clean it. This will help you get a better idea of what needs to be done and will help you keep track of your progress. You’ll feel great as you check each task off of your list!

Don’t forget about your walls
It might seem silly, but your walls need cleaning, too! They can take a beating throughout the year (think: Christmas decorations, stains, and scratches). You should take extra precautions when cleaning your walls to avoid damaging or discoloring the paint. Dampen a cloth with warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner and gently wipe them down. If you’re unsure, research the brand of the paint—oftentimes, companies will have cleaning tips for their particular brand.

Clear the air
It may be invisible, but it’s just as important to clean the air in your home as it is to clean the physical things. Clean all exhaust fans in bathrooms, wash out dehumidifiers, and replace any HVAC filters. If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, consider purchasing an air purifier to really keep the air free of irritating particles.

Work from top to bottom
In each room, start from the ceiling and work your way down. Think about it: if you’re starting at the top, it will force the dust and dirt down towards the floor. If you’re cleaning from the ground up, you’ll end up with dirty and dusty floors again when you’ve finished. Avoid duplicated efforts and always start from the top.

Keep products to a minimum
With so many different cleaning products out there, it can be tempting to try them all. But you actually don’t need a separate cleaner for each item in your house. Purchase multi-purpose cleaners that can be used in a number of rooms, including ones that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, the fewer products you buy, the less clutter you’ll have in your cabinets, helping you keep things organized and tidy.

Don’t forget—we’re always here to help. We offer heavy cleaning services too, so if you’re not up to it, give us a call and let us do the cleaning for you!