Is there anything better than a homecooked meal? Whether you love to cook or prefer to only do it on holidays and special occasions, being safe in the kitchen can’t be understated. With flames, hot appliances, and flammable oils and grease, things can quickly take a turn for the worse. Follow these safety tips below to ensure your cooking safely.

Unplug appliances
Whether it’s a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or toaster oven (hey, we’re not judging!), be sure to always unplug your appliances when you’re finished. While it may seem harmless to leave these plugged in until you’re done eating, leaving them plugged in can start an electrical fire. Also, never use an appliance with frayed cords.

Never throw water on a grease or electrical fire
We’ve all been taught at a young age that water puts out fire. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case if the fire has been ignited by electricity or grease. Instead, for grease fires try putting a lid or baking sheet over it to extinguish the flame, and large amounts of baking soda will help to put out electrical fires.

Stay in the kitchen while cooking
Sometimes waiting for water to boil can be like watching paint dry. It may be tempting to maximize your time by doing other chores or watching TV while waiting for something to cook, but do not leave the kitchen. While everything may seem fine when you leave, it only takes a second for a fire to ignite. Remaining in the kitchen will ensure you’ll be there to quickly extinguish a fire and minimize any damage.

Watch the handles!
If you’re cooking on the stovetop, pay attention to the placement of handles on pots and pans. Always face handles towards the back of the stove to prevent anyone from accidentally knocking them off. The “3-foot child-free zone” is another top tip from the U.S. Fire Administration, and suggests that no children (or pets) should be within 3 feet of the stove while cooking.

If a kitchen fire still ignites in your home, call 911. Smaller fires can be extinguished yourself, but it’s always best to call an expert for help. And, while we can’t help with your cooking skills, we can help you repair any damage your kitchen may have received. Give us a call today and we’ll get your house back to feeling like paradise.