As summer winds down, hurricane season begins to ramp up. Although most of the time the Northeast is lucky enough to dodge the eye of the storm, we do unfortunately suffer from some severe weather events like heavy rains and winds. These types of storms can cause power outages, damages to your home, flooding, mold, and more. Stay ahead of the storm and be prepared with these three tips.

Stay alert and informed
Staying informed is key! In the days and weeks leading up to the storm, stay on top of weather reports and conditions, and know the risks expected to come from the storm. Most phones and devices receive Emergency Alert System notifications without any sign-up required, but there are other ways you can be notified. For example, FEMA offers a mobile app and you can sign up for alerts from the National Weather Service as well. For a summary of all available notification sign-ups, visit ready.gov/prepare.

Gather supplies
Once the storm hits, it may be difficult to leave your home and get food or other necessities. Stock up on non-perishable foods like canned goods and bottled water and have enough to last you and your family for at least three days. Don’t forget about pet food, too! Aside from food, refill all medications, and be sure you have enough sanitary and hygiene products (toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.). In case of a power outage, be prepared with flashlights, extra batteries, and a portable charger so your phone battery doesn’t die.

Protect your home
First and foremost, make sure all of your insurance documents are up-to-date and become familiar with your policies. In the event that your home suffers damage from the storm, having these documents on-hand will make the process a bit easier. Also, if high winds are expected, consider cutting or trimming any weak branches or trees surrounding your home to prevent them from falling and causing damage. Bring any outdoor furniture or other items inside, and consider boarding windows and doors if high winds are expected.

Although we can prepare, sometimes storms are unpredictable. If your home suffers any damage from a hurricane, we’re here to help. Whether its water damage, mold restoration, or a heavy clean-up, our technicians are ready to get your home back to feeling like paradise.