While mold can grow in any room, it’s especially apt to grow in places with a lot of moisture, making the bathroom one of the most susceptible places in your home. Keeping your bathroom as dry and as clean as possible significantly reduces your chances of mold. So, we’ve put together a few simple things you can do as part of your bathroom routine to keep the mold at bay.

Use a vent or fan
We’ve talked before about how important ventilation is in terms of air quality and mold prevention. Because of the increased moisture and humidity in bathrooms, it’s even more important to have ventilation here. If you don’t have a vent fan in your ceiling, purchase a powerful fan for your bathroom and use it frequently, especially when showering. Proper ventilation will remove moisture out of the air and in turn, prevent mold.

Wash towels and rugs frequently
Although you may not see or feel it, moisture can trap itself in materials like your bath towels or rugs. These items can grow mold too and can not only pose a problem for your health but can give off a bad odor, too. To prevent mold growth in bath towels or rugs, be sure to wash them together at least once a week.

Make sure there are no leaks
With so many sources of water in your bathroom, it’s important to frequently check for leaks in your shower, toilet, and sink. If you do find a leak, be sure to fix it immediately or call your plumber. Leaks that are left untouched can cause water damage and quickly turn into mold.

Squeegee after showering
Whether your shower is ceramic, tile, or glass, squeegeeing after a shower is a quick and easy way to whisk the water off of your shower walls. While it may add a minute or two to your routine and can be annoying, it can also significantly reduce the amount of moisture in your bathroom and prevent soap scum, too!

Use the right shower curtain
Much like your bath towels and rugs, shower curtains can hold moisture as well. If you can, purchase a mildew-resistant shower curtain. Replace plastic liners every few months (or when they start to look dirty) and wash your cloth shower curtains once a week or so.

If mold does find its way into your bathroom (or any other room in your house), give us a call and we’ll get your home back to feeling like paradise.